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Are you looking to buy that special piece but can't afford the showroom prices? Are you having a hard time finding what you're looking for at local auctions, vintage stores or galleries? Are you looking for the right market for your furniture or fine art? Maybe you want to revise your art collection or start one. Maybe you have an interest in Modern design that you would like to develop. Perhaps you are an artist or designer looking for an alternative way to sell your work. Then Lushpad is the place for you.

Lushpad is a unique online marketplace and resource that is intended to provide a service that has been missing from the collecting community since Modern design crossed the threshold from everyday to vintage a few years ago. Authentic originals, licensed originals and unlicensed lookalikes all vie for our attention. Lushpad hopes to clear through the clutter and help people make beautiful homes and impressive collections.

Our resources will expand over time to include:

  • Articles about design classics
  • Collecting know-how and furniture care
  • Profiles of designers, artists and architects
  • Manufacturer overviews
  • Book reviews
  • A regular newsletter
  • A community blog

Based in Vancouver, BC, Canada, Lushpad currently serves design fans throughout North America, and plans to expand its reach soon.

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